Wedding photography inherently stands out among various categories of photography due to understandable reasons. According to Reviews, a wedding is an event with limited time where you have absolutely no say in the set design, models, and the margin of error is extremely sharp. Here are a few tips to make your job or a new gig easier and click high quality, stunning photographs of weddings:

  1. Check your camera and be prepared – You should conduct a thorough inspection of your camera and all the necessary accessories before you start your work. A wedding is an event where plenty of things happen within a short span of time. Yes, you are aware of the choreography. However, you want to be prepared to eliminate all unforeseen circumstances on your part. Make sure to carry extra lights, lens, camera, tripods, and anything else you need so that you can make a quick replacement if something malfunctions.
  1. Pre-plan your shoot – You don’t get a say in a lot of things during a wedding. However, the couple will follow your instructions if you can show them a plan that promises stunning wedding photographs. To do this better, you may want to create a manual for the couple. Let them go through that and choose the poses they want to do for their wedding. Go out on a survey of the wedding location or drive to attractive locations to plan out the best photographs. This also allows you to provide different tiers of wedding plans and charge a premium where you need to put in extra work.
  1. The firsts must be captured – Weddings are very special events for any couple. You should ask the couple about the special moments they want to frame as lifetime memories. These usually include the firsts, first kiss, first dance, and more such firsts. You need to pay high attention during these moments and change the camera settings to quickly capture nice photos from different angles. During these snappy moments, it is always better to set a high shutter speed and capture numerous photographs to choose the best during post-processing.
  1. Friends and reactions – You should know about the good friends of the bride and groom so that you can click some creative portraits with the group. These shots can be perfected with the bride and her group in feminine poses and the groom and his friends in over the top masculine poses. It creates a fun contrast and a cherished memory for the couple.

Don’t forget to capture interesting reactions as well. This can’t be done alone since those precious reactions are usually during important moments happening between the couple that you need to click. The assistant, apprentice, or partner can click the reaction of the guests during this time.

Conclusion Reviews also suggests that you shouldn’t forget about the smiles. No, not the ones you can plan or create – photogenic smiles of a kid, smiles on the face of loved ones while they whisper with joy, a smile of children playing around, and messing with their food. These are the strings that will help you connect your wedding photography album into a pearl necklace.