The basic function of portable toilets is same as that of a conventional waste, to flush away waste. However, unlike the conventional toilet which transports the waste into a sewer, in case of a portable toilet it goes into a holding tank under the toilet seat. There are four main parts of a portable toilet, namely:

  1. Toilet seat
  2. Flushing mechanism
  3. Pressure system
  4. Holding tank

The holding tank has chemicals which break down the waste, kill the germs, destroy foul smell and decompose the toilet paper. The tank holds all the waste and hence portable toilets do not need a water supply or a drainage system. Portable toilet uses water held in a tank or toilet chemicals from holding tank for flushing. The flusher can be operated by hand or foot. The pump creates pressure to circulate water or chemicals to be transported into the toilet pan.

Key benefits of portable toilets

When hosting a large gathering it requires proper planning and preparation. Not only the venue and food, you also need to ensure proper toilet arrangement. Portable toilets are a very convenient solution that can be used in such gatherings. Using them has multiple benefits, some of them are:

  1. Easy set-up: Setting up including portable toilets in an outdoor space is very easy. You can place the toilet in any open area near the venue, so that your guests can easily relieve themselves.
  2. Ease of use: There are plenty of options when it comes to the design of the toilet. There are specific ones for those with a physical disability, these have features like ramps and railings.
  3. Cost effective: Instead of building restrooms for an event, it is lot more convenience and financially viable to set up a portable toilet.
  4. Water efficient: Portable toilets do not need water to for flushing and hence you can conserve a lot of water. Some of the newest models need minimal water for flushing.
  5. Versatile: A portable toilet can be used anywhere. All you need is a flat surface to place the toilet.
  6. Good temporary solution: Whenever you need a temporary toilet, it could be to get your bathroom renovated or for an event, portable toilet is a perfect solution.

With so many benefits, portable toilet becomes a preferred choice of many. Many people install these to manage the need of a temporary toilet.

Steps to ensure portable toilets are clean

Here are easy steps to keep your portable toilets clean:

  1. You must place the toilet carefully to ensure it remains clean. For instance, choose a solid surface sans mud so that debris and mud do not come into the toilet space as people come in.
  2. Make sure you arrange enough toilets. Your service provider can advise you on the right number basis the number of guests on your list. Having few toilets is the ultimate recipe to creating a mess.
  3. You must arrange necessary hygiene accessories. Installing proper handwashing stations with each bathroom is a wise decision. Stalk enough soap, towels and garbage bins and make them easily accessible for people.
  4. If you are hosting a lot of guests, try to arrange for bathroom attendants. They will be responsible for keeping a check on the cleanliness and ensuring that the toilets are in a perfect working condition.
  5. Hire professionals for getting the toilets serviced. The service provider will chalk out a cleaning schedule for you, basis the usage.

Following these simple steps can keep your toilets clean. Having clean toilets will make sure your guests do not cringe while using them and have a pleasant experience at your event. That is what you want, isn’t it?