Choosing the right kind of exterior coating for your residential building can be a daunting task. Apart from considering the price, you need to ponder over several aspects like durability, aesthetics, and color preferences. Presently, a significant number of contractors are recommending aluminum planks as exterior cladding for domestic and commercial properties. With the longevity and low-maintenance of aluminum, contractors and builders find a cost-effective solution for exterior coating. Aluplanks come with the necessary strength and visual appeal to suit this purpose. Moreover, they are available in several rich colors, that can infuse your home with an appealing exterior.

What makes aluminum planks the ideal material for exterior coating?

When you think of quality coating materials, you would be hunting for something that involves little maintenance. Along with this, homeowners want their exterior cladding to be resistant to ultraviolet rays and corrosion. Aluminum sliding fulfils all these criteria, besides being available in a number of shades. Moreover, the material is not affected like wood when exposed to moisture. Read on to understand why aluplanks are ideal for exterior cladding of your home.

Aluminium siding colors: One of the prime benefits of using aluminum as the sliding material is that, you can get it coated with any color easily. To enhance the reflective ability of the metal, some property owners paint it white. As a result, the external heat is reduced, while it passes through the aluminum sliding. At the same time, you would not be wasting the conditioned air inside the home. A properly insulated aluminum siding would go perfectly as the exterior cladding. Given that you can choose from a wide range of colors, and the absorbance of aluminum to these paints, you can give a better look to your home.

Durability of aluminum planks: The durability and robustness of aluminum planks make them a viable solution for quality exterior cladding. With the right purchase, these materials can last up to four decades. Moreover, the material is tough and can withstand sandstorms, hail, and other perils of nature.

In a nutshell, aluminum planks can last up to a lifetime. Considering the longevity and low cost of maintenance, reputed contractors recommend these planks to property owners.

Sturdiness: Aluminum planks are resistant to corrosion. Besides, they are waterproof and fireproof. You simply need to get these planks installed at your home by one of the reputed service providers. This ensures that your exterior walls would remain protected, without developing rust. Again, exposure to fire would not melt or burn the material like other materials used in sliding.

Customizing exterior coating:Often, homeowners look forward to personalize their exterior cladding. In this case, aluminium planks offer substantial scope for customization. These materials can hold paints easily, which means you can paint them according to your wish. Moreover, you can also repaint the exterior after a few years, if you want to try out other shades. This is different from vinyl sidings, which can help you make significant savings.

The reputed manufacturers also supply innovative and classy aluminum planks, that come in elegant organic shades. Imagine your home’s exterior to carry an amber color, or the organic essence of honey or bamboo. Using aluminium siding would help you personalize your exterior cladding.

Cleaning aluminum planks: How to go about it?

For households, it is easy to clean these aluminum planks. No significant investment is involved in the process. You would simply need the following to clean the siding:

    • Laundry detergent
    • Water hose
  • Protective gloves
  • Brushes to scrub
  • Vinegar or bleach

Of course, aluminum planks resonate the technological evolution taking place in the construction sector. These planks are available with reputed suppliers and installation service providers. You may also contact the manufacturer directly to get them installed in your home.