Destination weddings are quickly becoming a very popular way for couples to tie the knot. It is often seen as a more laid-back, enjoyable, and often more cost-effective approach to having that perfect wedding. And it’s not just the couple getting married who benefit from this style of wedding; all the guests attending the big event also get a fabulous vacation out of it.

So, as you put the plans together for that dream destination wedding, it’s important to give thought to what your perfect wedding dress will be. Often, there are a lot more considerations to be aware of with a destination wedding, which will have an impact on your wardrobe. Here are some tips and advice you can use during the dress-shopping experience.

How Easy is the Dress to Travel With?

A top priority of any destination bride is to give thought to how easy the dress is to travel with. Remember, you need to bring it with you to the destination and chances are you won’t want to check it with your baggage. Most brides-to-be end up carrying their dress as their carry-on luggage, so they have it with them, safe and secure, at all times. This means you won’t have to worry about your dress being lost in transit.

With that said, you will want to check with the airline in advance regarding how they deal with a special item like a wedding dress, you want to think about how you plan to pack/store it, how heavy and bulky it is, and what kind of primping it will need at the other end to get it into shape.

Always Consider the Venue’s Atmosphere

One thing that a destination wedding has in common with a wedding in your own hometown is that you want to be mindful of the venue’s atmosphere. This is what will help shape the ideal dress as it sets the tone.

Take, for example, a destination wedding in an exotic destination, such as a wedding in Krabi at the Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort off the west coast of southern Thailand. A Krabi wedding would call for something lightweight, breathable, soft, and romantic in order to work with the surroundings of the beach resort. A heavy dress isn’t likely going to be the right choice.

What Will the Weather Be Like?

Another consideration will be the weather and what the typical temperature is in that destination at that time of year. Just because you may be experiencing cold winter weather at home, it doesn’t mean the destination you’re traveling to is the same.

How Easy Is the Dress to Put On?

Some wedding dresses have so many embellishments and intricacies about them that they can take a whole crew of people to help you put it on. Keep in mind that in a destination style wedding you probably won’t have as many helpers at your disposal, so keeping things simple is usually smart.

A Dress that Reflects the Perfect Wedding

At the end of the day, the dress should be a reflection of the romantic and perfect destination wedding that you are planning. This usually means less fuss than the typical wedding gown.