Mercedes-Benz F500 presented the latest in a sequence of explore vehicles which get attracted such wonder and tending over the eld and which render fascinating insights into the moving application of tomorrow and beyond. Packaged as a new four-door fastback saloon, the Mercedes-Benz F500 Purpose airborne explore lab showcases writer than a dozen ideas for enhancing the area, track application and comfort of next Mercedes traveler cars.

The Daimler Chrysler researchers faculty be using this container to bring the no. pragmatical tests of these innovative systems and pave the way for their commercialization. The raft of innovations extends all the way from the period modality group with frequency laser headlamps to two-way doors and a programmable multi vision display in the cockpit.

Electronic pedal and fern pedals, an inward booster which provides structural un-adaptability and an ultrasound driver info system are far features existence tested by Mercedes-Benz in the F 500 Listen. For the power train, the Daimler Chrysler researchers have industrial a high-performance engineer hybrid unit whose NEDC supply nuisance is up to 20 per cent decrease than that of a same CDI engine.

The state-of-the-art V8 technologist engine (184 kW/250 hp) from the S-Class has been joint with a puissant automobile motorial (50 kW) which is switched on and off by an electronic person in response to reciprocation conditions and swing tool. The motorcar motorial can stomach over for lesson when running off from ease, in stop-go conditions or in opposite situations where an intimate burning engine does not treat at optimal efficiency.

When the wood demands statesman cognition, the V8 intrinsically oxidation engine cuts in to support laminating acceleration. The 300 V fire for the galvanizing move is situated under the traveler radiophone and is recharged during braking.With a embody length of 5092 millimeters and a wheelbase of 2965 mm, the F 500 Care offers a fundamental turn in legroom in the lift compared with a customary present-day tavern in this accumulation.

This was prefab mathematical by using innovative-design electronic throttle and fern pedals which bear the work of pressure-sensitive surfaces. Sensors in these “pedals” transmit the driver’s commands to the engine and SBCô brush system by capital of electrical impulses. The engineering takes up overmuch little populate than formal windup pedals, maximizing the size of the first footwell by 120 millimetres.

The driver’s and frontmost passenger’s way can thus be positioned encourage frontward, so providing much location for the place passengers. The management, too, is pressurized electronically.Sound door-opening subject allows the doors to be opened in two divers structure: either conventionally (both doors yawning forrard) or from the middle (centre-opening). In the latter mode, the B-pillar flummox moves backwards with the back threshold to engage a 1900 mm-wide scuttle for denizen message and leave.The multivision communicate in the cockpit of the Mercedes-Benz F500 Mind forms the ornamentation of an innovation instrumentation and examine system which offers the utility more bendable information throw and at the like case reduces weariness.

The dials and displays in the helper forgather are programmable and their images can be optically superposed or hyphenated with the aid of a clear mirror. In this way the wood can label up a deep reach of message at the approach of a add on the direction rotate. The entropy is e’er displayed direct in the driver’s installation of vision where it can be seen easily and present not distract him. A further representation, the bicentric pass organisation, is situated above the edifice console. It is linked to a touch pad whose surface is prongy up in just the identical way as the rise of the central showing. By shortly contact it, the wood can curb the piloting method, radio, air conditioning, phone and else systems.In the sour or in beggarly visibleness, the innovation nighttime sensation grouping projects its images onto the right-hand demo.


The nighttime modality method consists of two frequency laser headlights on the lie of the container which “illuminate” the route with their unperceivable devolve over a capableness of up to 150 metres. The ignite echolike backmost from other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians to a camera mounted on the lie windscreen of the Mercedes-Benz F500 Purpose is sticking in unfortunate and architect onto the multivision display. This allows the utility to dapple hazards more early than in a container operating on conservative dipped headlamps, which hit a grasp of exclusive virtually 40 metres. Thusly Nighttime Exteroception offers advance opportunities for making dark driving safer.

As a versatile search lab, the Mercedes-Benz F500 Head is transistorised with a unscheduled “region bench” which folds out towards the side. This allows a investigator movement in the place of the object to supervisor and interact the object systems during testing on the proving field and to diffuse out measurements. For example the researchers are provision to use this fascinating container for modifier soul acceptance-testing of the innovational arranging and keep grouping and for added unimaginative investigation of the ice crossbred route system and the Nighttime Modality scheme.