Several look the part better than others, and the Track Trailer Tvan is located at the top of the pack in this consideration. Like a teardrop after having a full anabolic steroid regimen, the Tvan appears like it’s capable of not only dominating the rocks below its four tires, but possibly breaking directly through any boulders or mountainsides that happen to wait in its way. Track recently debuted the latest version of the power of the Outback, and it looks tougher plus more comfortable than ever.

Australia’s Track Trailer launched their Tvan trailer back in 2000, and it is been placing it through the rubble-filled wringer from the time. If there is one thing that years of off-roading and adventure camping is good for, it’s finding every problem and potential problem your equipment has, right down to the tiniest dodge. So Track has made the Tvan a living vehicle, bettering and changing it over time depending on their own experience and opinions from customers. The Tvan MK5 is the latest evolution. The MK5 comes with a new roof design that adds about 4 in (100 mm) of headroom inside.

Track says that the redesigned hard roof structure adds space and comfort without the structural and weight compromises that would come with a pop-up roof. For more in house space, Track Trailer has integrated a tent inside of the hatch door. By storing it in the door, it maintains the bed clear and permits the simple, straight-to-bed set-up described above. Pertaining to those that don’t brain spending a little more time creating camp – about a few minutes, as estimated by Keep track of – the tent can be deployed to increase interior living space.

Earlier Tvan models required one to fold the deck out before opening the hatch up. To promise the quickest entry to the trailer interior, Track Truck reworked this design, offering campers the ability to lift the gas strut-assisted hatch door and deck together. It calls this feature the “Skyward Lift-Up Deck. ” Not that the deck is especially hard or time-consuming to operate, as just opens and drops into place, but when you’re focusing on 30-second set-up we speculate you have to get rid of the seconds wherever you can.

The trailer’s basis is a hot dropped galvanized steel chassis with military-grade MC2 asymmetric website link independent suspension keeping the wheels moving with up to 9 in (230 mm) of travel. The cabin is built of a blend of aluminum sub panels and steel. The 16-ft (4. 9-m) movie trailer weighs in at around 2, 200 lb (1, 000 kg). The Tvan MK5 follows the same tough-as-nails but comfortable ethic we’ve seen in other Australian off-road camping trailers, like the Bruder EXP-6 and Ultimate Nexus.

This also follows the same “as expensive as a motor vehicle” pricing model. Based on the retail price list for the Victoria, Down under region, the Tvan MK5 starts out at AU$52, 990 (approx. US$43, 900) for the entry-level Yulara and AU$76, 900 (US$60, 500) for the top-level Murranji trim. The Tanami (AU$55, 800) and Canning (AU$66, 100) fall in between. The company also offers many? la image options, which can lift up those prices higher yet.