You can apply most work-related things on your smartphone nowadays, although not everything. The Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 Pocket PC fills this difference in the lightest possible way. This tiny computer’s desktop computer is not a larger than a mobile phone, but it runs your selected desktop software on any monitor. You can pick up one now and save $50 off MSRP via New Atlas Deals.

Writing on a touchscreen is never fun, and browsing through spreadsheets is even more serious. But equally, laptops are really expensive and astonishingly bulky when you are traveling light. Ockel solves this problem by being remarkably small yet powerful.

Powered by an Intel processor and 2GB of RAM, these devices is no bigger than your iPhone. It connects to the HDMI monitor, and you could use wireless Bluetooth peripherals. The pc also has two USB installment obligations on your 0 jacks for accessories, along with AUX out-and-in music jacks. You can surf the net at high speed thanks to built-in WiFi, or run your selected Windows software via 32GB of flash safe-keeping.