Artist and founder of Misawa has designed a number of Minimalist Aquarium titled “Waterscapes” that include 3D imprinted objects inspired by undersea vegetation. It works mirror coral and other marine flora that small seafood use as hiding places, yet are all made digitally. The objects are ones that could normal bump or crumble because of their own weight, yet because of their under the sea location can exist as buoyant inclusions in the aesthetically pleasing fish homes.

Within the series Misawa in addition has designed bubbles of air within the Minimalist Aquarium that allow plants to thrive at the middle of her creations. These kinds of meta environments look like little fish bowls within bigger Minimalist Aquarium, with plants suspended at the top of the inner enclosures. These kinds of works were displayed just lately in Taiwan within an exhibition titled “Waterscape”.

Aquariums are well documented to bring calm and peace to the location – hence why are so many are installed in medical waiting areas and hospitals. However many situations can usually benefit from an aquarium and the relaxation that it creates.

Our set of installed aquariums have graced many a different environment from private homes, reception areas, medical waiting rooms, hotels, restaurant, bars and shops.

If you wish to replicate an Amazon River landscape, an Indian Ocean coral reefs reef, a rock outcrop in Lake Malawi or even bring the red sea into your home, aqua techniques provides a total solution, from initial design.