Have a look at Straumsnes Cabin by Norwegian architects, Rever & Harpe. It is afforded some mightily impressive views that make it this captivating location to live. Located in a glorious spot overlooking the Norwegian Sea, Straumsnes Cabin is a mixture of old and new constructions and boasts an exterior and interior design that basically is simperingly good.

Largely built after a structure from the 1950s, the development of modern materials and design styles really elevates this property to a whole new level aesthetically. With timber metal cladding adding a superb visible appeal to the outdoors,

there are all sorts of functions with Straumsnes Cabin Vacation cabin that can help you wish you lived there such as a magnificent looking outdoor pool, minimal interior design style and superbly considered spaces throughout the property.

The timber-clad additions are several modules, built around the existing annex that expand out toward the seacoast. Together with the annex, the pool was kept and renovated for the new task. Bedrooms are housed in their own pods for added privacy,

while the master has access to its own sauna. The inside maintains a clean aesthetic with plywood-lined ceiling, a concrete fireplace, and minimal furnishing and is generously glazed for countless views of surrounding fjord.