The finalists’ Indiegogo campaigns can be looked at from the Moto Z Mods collection page. Early crowdfunding commanders include the Edge imod, an instance ringed with LED lighting for personalized RGB effects that boost the device’s notifications, as well as the “The Ultimate Moto Z Mod”, a slim shell that adds on wireless asking functionality and IR blasters for use as a web-based control.

Also of interest would be the Z Sterilizer mod, which includes a germicidal UV light for sterilizing small objects like door handles, the Renacuajo Solar Battery mod, that aggregates a 2, two hundred mAh battery with a solar cell for recharging away from home, and the Euromod, an electronic toolbox for use with Eurorack synthesizers. The Moto Z and Spostamento Z Force launched with Power Pack battery mods, the Moto Insta-Share Projected, and the JBL Audio Boost Speaker. Others have been introduced after that, including the Hasselblad True Focus Camera. Each one is sold separately, which means the cumulative kit can cost a pretty cent.

About 10 winners will be announced next month. According to Motorola, they will be chosen depending on the originality, commercial stability, use of the Motocicleta Z platform and crowdfunding success. Winners will be provided the possibility to pitch their ideas to Motorola’s professional development team and possibly receive a great investment from Lenovo Capital, which includes set aside up to US$1 million to help make the best ideas a reality.