The Nokia 3310 was big, ugly, and primitive, but it sure could take a beating, and the only thing that much longer lasting than its battery pack is its legacy. Even more proving that the 3310 is impossible to get rid of, HMD Global has revealed how it plans to bring back the candybar phone, with some slight modern concessions.

The headline itself, which was made at Mobile World Our elected representatives soon, was teased a few weeks ago. At that time we outlined some of the things which we would like to see in the rebooted Nokia 3310, and while some features, like the battery life and refined-retro styling, are accounted for, we still don’t know many details about its strength or customization options.

The first thing you’ll notice is the familiar, rounded-rectangle condition, complete with actual, physical buttons. It looks like we’ll have to relearn the old text type technique, where each quantity represented three or four letters, and how to navigate menus with a directional pad and a huge select button.

Measuring 117. 6 x 51 back button 12. 8 mm (4. 6 x 2 a 0. 5 in), is actually smaller than most new phones, but almost two times as thick – although it has slimmed down since the starting. The screen is installation payments on your 4 inches with an answer of 320 x 240 – tiny by present standards, but having produced to take up almost all of the top half the device, it’s a good improvement over the original model’s 84 x twenty four monochrome display. The consumer interface has also recently been reworked, with a few nods to the initial design apparently thrown in. The camera is similarly basic with a modest 2 megapixels, and on the music front, the new 3310 comes with FM radio and MP3 play-back. You won’t fit much at all on the paltry 16 MB of internal storage space, but a Sd card slot machine means it is storage area up to 32GIG. Two different variants give it time to work with either one or two SIM cards.

HMD Global hasn’t given any metrics on whether the 3310’s legendary strength has been retained, but those efficient specs should help it replicate the original’s battery life. The company claims the removable you, 200-mAh battery allows up to 22. 1 several hours of talk time, 39 hours of FM car radio listening and 51 several hours of MP3 playback. Seated in your pocket doing nothing, the new Nokia 3310 can reportedly live for up to 23 days on standby. In the monthly occasion when the phone does desire a charge, that’s done via Micro USB. There’s no word yet on when or if HMD will bring it to the rest of the world, but the new Nokia 3310 will be available in the areas detailed in Q2, 2017, for EUR49 (US$52). Color options include red, yellow, gray or dark blue.