Riding a motorcycle is such a fulfilling experience. Most motorbike riders get carried away by the experience and lose focus while on a busy road. In the United States, motorcycles are 27 times more likely to get involved in an accident for every mile they cover.

According to the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 5, 172 motorists lost their lives after involving in severe accidents in 2017.

Well, motorcycle accidents happen for a reason. It could result from reckless drivers who obstruct bike riders. In this essay, we look at five common causes of motorcycle accidents. Continue reading to find out why you may need Motorcycle Accident Lawyer if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Left-Hand Turns

Left-hand turns by cars account for up to 42% of all motorcycle accidents. Most bike riders find themselves in a dangerous situation whenever a vehicle is making a left-hand turn on a short signal.

In most cases, an accident occurs whenever the motorcycle tries to overtake the car at high speed or tries to go through an intersection. It is not easy for a turning vehicle to notice an oncoming bike if the driver is not that careful. It gets worse if the motorbike rider intends to pass the car at high speed.

Dangerous road condition

The condition of the road contributes directly to motorcycle accidents. When a road has loose chippings, missing guard rails, and poor markings, it exposes a motorcycle rider to the risk of an accident.

Motorists must be extra cautious when riding on dangerous roads to ensure they arrive safely. Ideally, you can hold your local government accountable in case you are involved in an accident because of a hazardous road condition.

Un-roadworthy motorcycles

Shoddy repairs of motorcycles also contribute to accidents. If your mechanic makes a simple mistake when working on your bike, they are exposing you to the risk of an accident. For instance, you are more likely to get involved in a crash if the mechanic forgets to fix your motorbike brake pads correctly. In case you are involved in an accident because of negligence from the mechanic, you can sue them for compensation.

Reckless driving

Some drivers are not that careful while on the road. In some cases, some of them may even drive under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. Drunk driving impairs the drivers’ judgment, and they are more likely to cause a crash. Ultimately, a drunk driver will not notice a motorbike that is trying to overtake them and signal on time.

Motorcycle speeding 

Speeding by drivers and motorbike riders is another leading cause of collisions on the roads. Motorbikes provide the least protection to the rider, which increases the fatality of the accident.

Notably, if the motorbike rider is not wearing a helmet, the risk of fatality is even higher. Speeding makes it difficult for motorcycle riders to make the right decisions when overtaking. Also, it is difficult to observe road signs and other traffic rules when speeding your motorbike.

Final thought

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents. In most cases, they result from negligence by mechanic repairing the bikes, the use of defect parts, and drunk driving. It is vital to hire a lawyer for your case when you involve in a motorcycle accident. Halperin Law Center can help you get compensation for your injuries and damages if you are involved in a motorbike accident by holding the mechanic and driver accountable. Ultimately, it is essential to ride carefully on the road if you want to arrive safely to your destination.