You never know when it can get all merry with your boys until you forget that you have a car the needs to be driven home on that very same night. The best thing to always do when intoxicated is to get an alternative means of transport back home, or go out with a designated driver.

DUI is the leading cause of fatal high-way accidents because the victims cannot make sound judgment when intoxicated. That is why the offense is treated seriously, and there are no law loopholes to get away with it. So, suppose you get yourself in such a situation, you’ll definitely need to look for a DUI attorney immediately.  The reasons for doing that include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Test requirements

When you are charged with DUI, your conviction other than being denied a driver’s license can be probation, where you’ll be needed to take daily tests. The court will also decide on where exactly you should take the tests, something that can inconvenience you, especially now that you can’t drive yourself around. Moreover, it can also be very difficult to adhere to if you have a tight career schedule. A DUI lawyer can save you from risking such an outcome.

  • Keep your license

If your kids depend on you to drop them to school on a daily, the last thing you’d probably not want is being in a position where you can’t offer that. Therefore, if you want to avoid losing your license for even an indefinite period, you should notify experienced Chicago Trusted Attorneys immediately you are caught in a compromising situation.

  • Avoid high-risk insurance

The last thing that you probably want is something that will put financial constraints on you, especially if you are a family person. Being accused with DUI can mean that you will be charged higher premiums for the next couple of months, which can even run into a year. It also means that you can lose your premiums in entirety. Well, if you do the math, you’d rather spend a few dollars on a DUI attorney and save yourself an annual punishment that you could otherwise avoid if you were just disciplined enough.

  • Ignition interlock device

Finally, DUI can get you running a risk of having an ignition interlock device installed in your car. This gadget does not only make you look like a stubborn kid who cannot follow simple instructions but also makes your other passengers anxious. For instance, how do you picture yourself blowing air into the ignition every time you want to start your car to drop the children to school? Remember, the ignition interlock device can also stay for as long as one year, depending on the conditions of the outcome of your case. Well, a DUI attorney may help you save yourself from all such embarrassment.

In as much a lawyer is always a phone call away to your rescue, please, it isn’t advisable to be caught driving while intoxicated. Other than endangering your life, you are also putting the lives of other road users into danger, and they have families too.