5 FInger Mouse
5 FInger Mouse

Look at everything that a standard touch pad and mouse simplistic, there is a new digital display in the city, Amenbo. Instead of wasting those other characters that sit there idly while browsing on your computer, uses Amenbo give everyone the finger, and even our hands, a chance to shine.

This high-tech input devices, has a place for your hands to rest, and five small digital squares that you put each of your fingers. It measures the exact amount of pressure using fingers and palms, as well as reveal the slightest movement.

With one hand, you can completely control anything on your computer. Whether you want to work with digital animation, robot control, or just surf the web, Amenbo you incredibly advanced control options. The main purpose of this device is to help with interface and robotic hands, but the actual uses are unlimited.

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New Five Fingered Mouse