Wedding colors never go out of style. They are timeless, associated with elegance and sophistication. Tiffany Blue is one of those hues that means more to people than most colors. A little blue box with a white bow symbolizes a level of luxury and romance that most people only dream about, so it’s no wonder that Tiffany Blue weddings continue to be highly popular.

Tiffany Blue Color Palettes

Planning a Tiffany Blue wedding is easier than ever. Many of the year’s most popular color palette could easily include the shade. Clearly, it is most recognizable against white, but it looks very chic with grey and ivory as well. If you like something bright and bold, combine Tiffany Blue with fuchsia or coral and white. Or, if you like a rustic look, add shades of rose and copper or dark brown. A very summery palette can be created with Tiffany Blue and bright yellow – think of sunflowers against a brilliant turquoise sky. You can even base a winter palette on the blue by adding accents of white, silver, and navy.

Worried that you might have trouble incorporating Tiffany Blue in your groomsmen’s wardrobe? You have nothing to fear – subtle accents can be added such as ribbons around the stems of boutonnieres. Or, truly complement turquoise bridesmaid dresses with exact-match ties – gorgeous against dark grey suits!

Where to Start with Tiffany Blue

You can incorporate the hue from beginning to end when planning a Tiffany Blue wedding. Stationers, for example, are producing dozens of print designs for invitations, programs and menus on Tiffany backgrounds, while website like and Pinterest are full of custom products in the shade. And there are turquoise bridesmaid dresses to flatter practically all body types and in all seasons.

While natural blue flowers are limited – the closest matches are generally some varieties of orchids and hydrangea – many flowers look great against blue dresses and linens. Your color palette will help determine your ultimate flower choices.

Signature CocktailsSome

One fun way to incorporate Tiffany Blue in your wedding is to create signature cocktails that feature the color. Mocktails can include Blue Hawaiian Punch as an ingredient, and Blue Curacao is great for the real deal. Personalize your signature cocktails with names that reflect something about your own love story.

Sweet Blue Endings

Bakers have become quite creative using blue accents on wedding cakes. They range from delicate lacy designs, to ribbons wrapped around the base of each layer, to whole blue cakes covered in a silky layer of blue fondant. Generally blue isn’t considered a “food color”, but an exception can be made for dessert! You can even create an entire tiffany blue candy buffet of your favorite candies, easily ordered from specialty websites that actually allow you to purchase items by color.

Go All the Way with Your Tiffany Blue Color Palette

Hipsters might enjoy ordering a set of custom blue converse for the entire wedding party (including the bride!). Or, treat your guests to blue pashminas to ward away chilly breezes at a beach wedding and Tiffany Blue flip-flops for dancing the night away in comfort and style. The only thing limiting your creativity when applying your love for Tiffany Blue to your wedding is your imagination!

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