A multipurpose ring such as Token Ring would be worthless if it did not work with a variety of third-party systems, and the company seems to have done the hard yards in connecting with a variety of organizations to ensure widespread compatibility. It has partnered with MasterCard and Visa for credit card payments, Microsoft for Windows password activation and over 50 public transit companies worldwide for tap-and-go travel.

With the companion Token Door Lock, the Token Ring can also function as your house key. Currently you have to buy the proprietary Token Lock for this, but it’s claimed the system will expand functionality to third-party smart locks in the future.One of the more interesting features of Token is it’s ability to act as your car key. The initial process to activate this is a little cumbersome, involving sending your current car key fob to the company so it can initialize the system. A USB is then sent back to be plugged into your car’s ODB2 port. From there apparently all it takes is two knocks to unlock the car doors and activate its “Start” button.A device that provides access to so many important aspects of a person’s life inevitably needs strong security and Token has a fingerprint sensor on the inside of the ring that needs to be scanned before one puts it on. The system locks itself when the ring is taken off, only reactivating when the correct fingerprint is again scanned. So a thief cannot simply steal the ring and access your house, car and money – unless they do something more drastic than just snatch the ring.

Tokenize has also partnered with HID Global, one of the leading access card manufacturers, to make the ring compatible with many workplace security readers. Again, this involves a bit of work on the user end to initialize functionality, but for those that constantly forget their building pass to get in to work this could be a lifesaver.Token is currently available for preorder, with shipping scheduled for December 2017. The base model, made of sterling silver goes for US$249, with a Black Rhodium or Rose Gold finish available for an extra $50. The House Lock and Car Lock systems are an extra $100 each, so you could easily be spending $500 on a full system.