After their separation amicably with Brad last year, fashion expert Rachel Zoe starts the season 4 (premiering Tuesday at 10/9c on Bravo), with a startling revelation: she and Brad are the outputs. She says he poached clients behind his back after he left. “It is not the first time they have been used. I would say it will be the last time, despite” Zoe says.

Rachel Zoe welcomes baby

But who has time to stop in this drama? Zoe has a new assistant, Jeremiah, but also dealing with a new baby, six months old, Skyler Morrison, launching her fashion line first, and a whole new creative team. “There are a lot of new people into the program and in my life that are quite amazing – there are not many fights and meanness, I can say that just do not know if there is one!” Zoe says. “OK, maybe a little (laughs). We are just one kind of family, and is large enough. It’s the best ever. ”

Then he tells TV Guide. com to balance work and Skyler (she goes everywhere!), why things between her and her husband Rodger business partner are not as bad as seen in the series, and where things are with Brad:

How is juggling being a mom with her work, which now includes being the head of his own clothing line?
Zoe: It’s all working mothers said before: You have just discovered. And it does! My time is more efficient and more focused now. I do not know exactly why, but I think it is because everything that keeps me from my son is something to be done quickly. I do not think I’m very confused again, if that makes sense.

Good for Skyler. Help Mom out now!
Zoe: It’s the greatest thing ever. I take him everywhere with me unless it is a long car trip or in an environment that I think will be bad for him. This is all my meetings, he comes to work with me every day … He is my everything. My heart aches when he is not with me.

Who are the designers favorite Skyler?
Zoe: No no! Whatever the most comfortable for him. I have favorite designers for him, however. Bonton undoubtedly incredible Children Kids Gucci, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Gap … lasting several days. It’s great fun.

He even roll sunglasses large as the mother now.
Zoe is, in reality, very light eyes are very sensitive. Whenever I have a hat and sunglasses for him. But in the case of the photo, it was meant to be a bit of a joke. [Laughs] There was a lot of paparazzi that one day I was at Whole Foods. I turned around and were in the window while I was going to buy products. So, literally, put the glasses on it. It was a joke. He loves it on, though!

Brad Goreski: No Taylor, “there is less tension”

Last season, you and Rodger seemed to be doing battle on a weekly basis. No release pen at a time! Scenes from a Marriage came to mind. How bad – or bad – it actually get?
Zoe: I mean, Rodger and I have the best relationship of many married couples. We are best friends, and have been together for 20 years, you know? Literally, 20. I can not explain, but Rodger and I really do not even think about “struggle”. I call it disputes. My friends laugh at us. In fact they are totally dependent on each other and indeed are happiest when we are together. In the show, when you’re filming, there are many things that are not shown.

In the premiere, two headers again when it’s time to hire a new assistant. Have you found ways to work together in their company, which is less … tense?
Zoe: Look, as business partners, we will never agree on how we approach business. Rodger is a businessman and financial-mind, I am a creative person. Very often, we will be very separate things. But I almost think if that was not the case, it would be very strange. You need both. He is much more pragmatic and am much, ‘Oh, he’ll be fine. “I find myself and my business more or less in my gut. [When I hired my new assistant], it would be like,” Well, I do not know if he is the most experienced, “blah, blah, blah, blah …

Tell me what you saw in Jeremiah, it seems less qualified on paper as the other candidates interviewed him.
Zoe: What I really look for in people is the enthusiasm and excitement, and not to sound cheesy, the fire in his eyes. When you meet people who are very tired and it’s like, “Whatever, whatever, whatever,” I think “If this is how they are coming, this is not good.” Jeremiah had a tremendous attitude, he was excited to learn and obviously had great style and good taste. That means a lot to me. The worst thing you could never get is people who think they know everything.

Rachel Zoe and Brad are part Goreski

It is revealed in the first episode again that you and Brad had a dispute after leaving the company, who say poached clients. Right off the bat, how Jeremiah felt would be different from Brad and another former assistant Taylor, with whom he speaks?
Zoe: I do not really even put them in the same sentence. I think everyone is his own person, but I would say there is no similarity at all levels between Jeremiah and Jeremiah and Brad and Taylor. He is a totally different person.

Do you talk to Brad at all? Bravo recently ordered his reality show, is Brad, Brad II.
Zoe: I do not. In fact, they have a relationship at this time. But, you know, more power to him. What you do is all good for me.

He now has his own clothing line, which will be the Fashion Week this fall. What is the short style and work with individual customers?
Zoe: I’m still working with my clients, at best, and I can use all different designers – not that I’m getting my front and center. When I’m using my style hat that will always be so, and I’ll always give so much love and attention to style and for my clients as I always have.

Skyler is to be an important part of this season?
Zoe: Um, not going to be a main focus. I actually give birth to a child, though, so you’ll have to look and see.

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Rachel Zoe on New Baby Skyler