The samsung company used its stage at the Mobile World The legislature to unveil the Case S3 and Galaxy Reserve and hint at the ongoing future of its Gear VR headsets. It also announced the date for its much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 front runner event: March 29. In years past, Samsung has unveiled its smartphones at the MWC, but this season the Korean technology monster has opted for an Apple-like standalone event, perhaps so that you can amp up the reveal festivities in reply to last year’s Be aware 7 fiasco.

Rumors point to the Galaxy S8 coming in a match (Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, perhaps), each having a practically bezel-free design with curved display. They’re likely to run the Snapdragon 835 chip, the first major flagship touch screen phone to do so, after the LG G6 roll-outs with the Snapdragon 821.

The main Samsung Galaxy S8 camera quality will of course be far superior than the camera found on the front of the device. Whilst we no longer have a 100% verification, we’re thinking that a 30 megapixel camera could be a likelihood for the Galaxy S8. The The samsung company Galaxy S7 featured a 25 -megapixel camera and at the time this was the limit of the hardware inside of the S8. Although extra cameras are always a long way behind major cameras on smartphones, they are still getting remarkably better year on yr. We think it may be possible to see a being unfaithful -megapixel camera on the Galaxy S8 but we can’t know for sure just yet.

Hopefully we will have more information about the Samsung Galaxy S8 primary and supplementary camera very soon – Samsung is bound to release some information leading up to the mobile phone release, whether it’s through official press releases or unofficial leaks. So much, we’re hearing the camera quality on both cams is significantly improved which is something we didn’t expect anything different with.

The so-called “Unpacked” event takes place at 14 AM EST on Drive 29, at Lincoln Middle in New York Metropolis, for registered guests only. For all else, it will stream survive the Korean website.