Imagine how great it would hit the road with this stunning Sydney Opera House opera inspired Camper. Designed by a team of Dutch and German partners, the pact trailer behind the trailer can be towed by a common sedan expands in a luxury tent with a functional kitchen, bathroom and outdoor shower. Certainly, we could learn a thing or two about design and the efficient use of space opera.

The Opera has a low profile design for easy towing behind a sedan instead of a big SUV or truck (which is often necessary to transport larger trailers). In addition, the lightweight and compact design means you’re not drinking gas to go out in nature.

On reaching his destination, the caravan is unhitched and the top folds open to create a back cover, while the canvas tent opens. Like a sailboat on earth, everything is built to high standards and is incredibly durable as well.

The caravan has two beds that can become a double bed, a ceramic toilet, a top-loading refrigerator, built-in LED lighting, a kitchen, a heater and a boiler to produce hot water for kitchen and outdoor shower.

The kitchen is modular and can be moved outdoors to take advantage of the pleasant climate and the beds have a new engine that can be used as reclining seats. In addition, the tent of clear plastic on the roof, added more natural daylight inside the caravan. While there are many options available a camper, none is more pleasing to the eye and worthy of a design award.