The social bookmarking sites are a good place to get some traffic and backlinks to your Site. Are social bookmarking sites where all the bookmarks are stored. There are millions of users on these sites, all we need is 10% of the traffic and could be making a good income from your site. In this post, I will not talk about how the traffic goes to social bookmarking sites, I will talk more about where you can get quality backlinks to your social bookmarks social networking sites.The below are good places to start. You can check all your posts to social bookmark sites below to get high quality backlinks to your sites.

Delicious (Page Rank 8)
Digg (Page Rank 8)
Mister-Wong (Page Rank 7)
Diigo (Page Rank 7)
Blinklist (Page Rank 7)
Netvouz  (Page Rank 6)

There are some social sites rather the favorite . Some of the social favorite sites here. . All we have to do is focus ongetting sites backlinks high page rank social bookmarking because the link value is higher. No need to waste time getting backlinks from sites of low page rank.

Get backlinks from sites high page rank.
How to get backlinks to posibble.
Do not fill too backlinks at the same time, it will be considered spam.
100 backlinks per month will have no problem.

Therefore, do so slowly. Step by step backlinking wins the race. So try it at a moderate speed. You should also note that the number of backlinks is not displayed in Alexa Ranking Tool as soon as your favorite post on social bookmarking sites. It takes time for search engines to index the backlinks and, finally, are shown in Alexa tool. It usually takes a month to get new updates on the number of backlinks to your posts.