A self-guided tour is a journey within yourself. It is a path of contemplation and getting to know yourself better in contrast to the whole world. Handy has put together a list of benefits of a self-planned travel starting from cheaper accommodations and all the way up to time efficiency. Not all of them are as attractive as getting to know yourself, but they contribute nonetheless to the practicality of life. Let’s begin our journey, shall we?

The Advantages

  1. Budget-Friendly- Hiring a guide to navigate and inform you through your trip is a good but expensive idea. You can Google the history of any place you’re visiting and with a bit more research, you may even learn about the local attractions of a place. There are several travel communities on the internet that can effectively help you plan your solo tour.
  1. Saves Time- Planning a trip with a group of friends and families is fun, but some people cannot afford the time from their busy schedule. You may be stressed out from work and just want to get away from the stress of life for some time. Making plans at times like this can be difficult and add to the already mounting stress. Solo travels are a great way to handle such difficult situations.
  1. Independence- The inherent independence that comes with solo travel is like a double-edged sword. You can go whenever and wherever you desire and bear witness to some truly beautiful nature has to offer and nobody has ever seen before.

However, it is not without its fair share of troubles. It would help if you had a specific mental zeal to deal with loneliness. A fair bit of research is also required to determine the safety of a place before you set foot there. Solo travel can be challenging but once you overcome the first few attempts, you’ll be in line for some truly breathtaking experiences that lie ahead.

  1. Accommodation- Cheap accommodation is one of the many advantages of solo travel. Traveling in a group requires you to book hotels in advance and getting more than one room during vacations can be very expensive.

You don’t have to think of such things while traveling solo. Just walk into any random hotel for the night and in the morning, you’ll be on your way. You can even stay inside a makeshift camp or sleep out in nature if the place is safe.

  1. Plan your Own Routes- While traveling on your own, you can map out any given route you desire, unlike in groups where you have to stick to a specific path.

With enough research on the internet and interacting with natives, you can discover all sorts of new travel routes and go on adventures few people have visited.


With new advancements in technology, people have never been safer and self-guided tours are becoming popular with each passing day. According to Handy, these are only a few of the benefits of riding solo. The sense of freedom alone is as rewarding as the adventure for some people.